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The purpose of MayPort Arena Association is to develop interest in, and promote the equine industry and equine activities; to develop and promote good fellowship and sportsmanship between members of MPAA (Mayport Arena Association) and other affiliated clubs as well as among other people and organizations; to encourage excellence in the breeding, training, and exhibition of good quality horses; to cooperate with all equine breeding registries, and to preserve the health and welfare of the horse.


Clean-Up Day - Saturday, May 13 @ 11:00 AM

Board Meeting included.

Sign on gate.jpg


  • Amy Paul, Chair 701-740-5709

  • Kelly Domier, Vice-Chair 701-430-4012

  • Shelby Powell, Secretary 701-430-1685

  • Becky Sundstrom, Treasurer 701-840-2094

  • Amanda Amb, Director

  • Kassi Leddige, Director

  • Savannah Syverson, Director

  • Megan Turner, Director

  • Ashley Farkas, Director

  • Lacey Carlson, Director

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