Hey Guys!

You know how it goes, you come to the barrel races with your lady. You hold her little dog, help her get her fire breathing dragon in the trailer and sometimes into the arena. You might even get an opportunity to sneak away, plop down on a lawn chair with the other dudes that got suckered into coming, crack a cold one and talk about the ball game, the last critter you shot, or your latest trip to TSC - you know, MAN stuff. However, deep down, you know you'd like to have an opportunity to show those other dudes and your lady just how fast you could be chasing those cans on that horse you know she loves more than you. Today, my friend, is your day. You got this!

Event Cover 2.png

Registration will take place prior to the run, however, we encourage pre-registration. You will need to stop up at the crows nest prior to the start of the race to pay your entry fee and sign the membership form. GOOD NEWS! The daily membership fee will be paid for by an anonymous donor!



We know, you're a man and if you have questions you probably won't call or text, but just in case:
Alicia 701-793-7978
Melissa 701-219-1986
Shelby 701-430-1685