Saturday, June 19

Saturday, September 11 & Sunday September 12

Saturday, October 16

  • All Days are double barrel runs with a single pole run

  • PEWC Sanctioned

  • Must Be an MPAA Member to Participate

  • Series end awards will be available to those who would like to pay in and participate. 



9:00 am – 10: 30 am Check In & Payment
9:30 am – 10: 30 am Exhibitions
11:00 am Pee Wee Barrels 1
4D Open Barrels 1 (2D Futurity/2D Derby side pot)
4D Youth Barrels 1
Pee Wee Barrels 2
4D Open Barrels 2 (2D Futurity/2D Derby side pot)
4D Youth Barrels 2
3D Open Poles



  • Office fee per horse and rider - $5

  • Open 4D ½ second splits - $20

  • Youth (17 & Under) 4D 1 second splits - $15

  • PeeWee (10 & Under) - $5 non-competitive, no office fee

  • 2D Futurity Side Pot - $10       

  • 2D Derby Side Pot - $10

  • Open 3D Pole Bending 1 second splits - $15




To be eligible for year end awards, jackpot participants must pay $25 ($10 for pee wee) for each horse/rider combo they are wishing to collect points on. Points earned prior to payment will not count.  Barrel jackpot participants must run in five of the 10 barrel runs. Pole jackpot participants must run in three of the five pole runs. Awards will be presented to winners at the annual meeting.



During MPAA events, horse pens and camp sites are available to current 2021 members for free on a first come; first served basis. We will take reservations from members ahead of time at $20 a campsite and $10 per horse. Payment MUST be received via Venmo or PayPal at time of reservation. There will be no refunds. If you can't make it after you reserve your spot, you may sell it to another member upon our approval.




  1. Producer(s) has/have the final say on all rulings.

  2. Contestants have 2 minutes to get in the gate from the time their name is first called. Riders will be called 3 times within the 2 minute time limit and if the contestant is not in the arena within 2 minutes the rider will be disqualified.  Contestants may mount inside the arena if they have trouble getting their horse in the arena but must start their run within 2 minutes or they will be disqualified. No refunds for disqualified contestants.

  3. No schooling is allowed in the arena. You will be fined $25 for circling a barrel an extra time.

  4. Open Barrel classes will be on the 4D ½ second split (winner, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5). Tipped barrel will result in 5 second added.

  5. Youth and Barrel classes will be on the 4D 1 second split (winner, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0). Tipped barrel will result in 5 second added. Youth age is 18 & under.

  6. Pee Wee class rules: Pee wee riders must wear a helmet.  Only 2 riders may use the same horse for this event. Riders may be lead or ride alone.  Pee Wee age is 10 and under. Tipped barrel will be plus 5 seconds. Participant prizes for all pee wee riders.

  7. Derby Sidepot Barrel classes will be on the 2D ½ second split (winner, 0.5). Tipped barrel will result in 5 second added.

  8. Futurity Barrel classes will be on the 2D full second split (winner, 1). Tipped barrel will result in 5 second added.

  9. Pole Bending will be a 3D full second split (winner, 1, 2). Tipped pole will be 5 seconds added.

  10. Youth exhibitors can carry over from open to youth.

  11. All classes (with the exception of Pee Wee) will have an 80% payback.

  12. In the event of a timer malfunction, the rider will be given the option of a re-ride. No re-runs will be given in the event of knocked barrel. All re-rides must be completed at the end of the event/class (exceptions can be made by directors only).

  13. Riders must compete in the order of the draw. Riders running out of turn will be disqualified. Exceptions can be made by directors only.

  14. In the event of a grounds crew error, all riders involved will be given the option of a re-ride.

  15. Ground will be drug every 5 riders.

  16. Payouts will be on the 4D NBHA format.

  17. A horse may not be ridden more than once in a class. The exception will be the Pee Wee class.

  18. Exhibitions will be 1 minute time limit, per exhibition.

  19. Required dress code is long pants and heeled boots.

  20. It is required that all non-members of the MayPort Arena Association (MPAA) must pay a daily $10 membership fee or become a member of the MPAA ($25 annual individual membership or $35 annual family membership).

22. You may carry over from the first run to the second run.



Call or Text:

Melissa Quern 701-219-1986 or
Shelby Braaten 701-430-1685